Current Skincare Favorites (winter edition)

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been into skincare a lot more the past few weeks now that the weather has changed, if you live in New York then you know how brutal winter can be and our skin often feels the effects of the cold weather the most. Since I am not a fan of dry skin I go the extra mile with my overall skincare routine to make sure my skin is still well taken care of. Here are few of my current favorites listed below.

1) Mario Badescu Facial Spray – I am absolutely OBSESSED with this stuff. I spray it on before I moisturize and I also use it after I do my makeup to help any powders melt into my skin. There is a cucumber and green tea scent as well as a rose water and both smell amazing! You can keep the smaller size in your bag to refresh the skin throughout the day.

2) IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Eye Cream – I used to think eye cream was only for older women until I too began to age slowly but surely. Not only am I getting older but I am a concealer whore and dry under eyes do NOT mix well with concealer. Once again New York winters are brutal and the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face, so show it some love with a good hydrating eye cream. This is the first eye cream I’ve tried and although I don’t see a major brightening affect I do feel like my under eye is hydrated and my concealer application is super smooth.

3) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream – I’ve been wanting to try the Clinique moisturizer for a while now and I must say I’ve been impressed. It leaves my skin super soft and I don’t feel dry at all, there are some moisturizers that leave you wondering what’s the point because you still feel dry. This isn’t one of those. If you have normal to dry skin this is a good option for you. The cream is thicker than the lotion which I like for this time of year but I’ll probably switch to the lotion during the spring and summer months.

4) MAC Prep + Prime Essential Oil – After interning for Marie Claire in the beauty department I became a fan of facial oils. I have a few I want to try but right now I am using this one from MAC and I love it. I put it on after my moisturizer to help lock in the moisture, the same way I would do with my hair when I seal my ends with an oil. Not only does it smell good (it has a light citrus scent) but my skin hydrated and I swear my makeup looks even better! I have a healthy glow and I’m all about the glow honey.

5) MAC Strobe Cream – Speaking of the glow this last product isn’t necessary but it will add extra hydration and make your skin look luminous before you even apply your highlighter. I put it on underneath my foundation or I just put it on the top of my cheekbones as a base for my powder highlighter.

What are are some of your winter skincare favorites? Comment down below!

Happy Monday!

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