Thrifted Gems..

I’ve always loved the idea of reinventing things to make them my own, especially when it came to clothes. Vintage and thrift shops appealed to me because I knew I could take something old and make it new again by mixing it with my own personal style, like I did with this printed blazer. I believe that garments tell a story and when a piece is passed down someone else writes a part in that story through their experiences while wearing that piece of clothing, this probably sounds hella cheesy and dramatic to some but its the way I think.

To me thrifting is like a mini treasure hunt and if you get excited about clothes the way I do then you should definitely google thrift shops in your area and take a trip. I guarantee that you will find some gems to add to your wardrobe that won’t break the bank, and if your someone who cares about the environment thrifting is the way to go because your basically recycling a garment and giving it a new home in your closet. And I can’t forget the exclusivity factor because I can assure you there won’t be 100 people walking around in the same piece you thrifted, I get countless compliments on this blazer when I wear it because its a unique piece. If you guys would like another post on my favorite thrift shops or tips and tricks on styling thrifted and vintage items please comment down below and let me know. I would be happy to write a post all about it.

Do you guys own any vintage pieces if so what are they? Comment down below and let me know!



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