Dynasty Vibes…

I wasn’t even a thought in my parents mind when Dynasty aired on television in 1981, the popular soap opera was known for its over the top characters and looks (think sequins and shoulder pads on steroids) and it is a major fashion inspiration for me. I love anything that sparkles or makes a statement which is something I definitely get from my mom, so when I saw this jacket on one of our thrifting trips I had to have it! As I slipped the jacket on I prayed to the fashion Gawds that it fit. They must have heard me because it was perfect, slightly boxy fit with shoulder pads that gave a hint of drama in copper, gold, and black sequins that were perfect for day or night. And it only cost me $8! I damn near skipped out of the store I was so happy. I’m probably going to be wearing this jacket to death so sorry in advance (but not really) for the constant looks featuring my new favorite.


Where do you find your fashion inspiration from? Comment down below and let me know!









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