Women’s History Month: Misa Mcgregor

Name: Misa McGregor 

Business: Hair By Misa

Zodiac sign? Leo

What do you want society to stop doing to women? Pressuring women into living the typical life they expect a woman to live by. Some examples include getting married, having kids and taking care of home only.  Some women don’t want that or strive for different goals that involve self-edification.

 Favorite song that empowers you? I am a huge lover of 90s R&B and Dancehall, those genres are deeply rooted in my soul.  It is hard to name just one but when I hear the song Optimistic by Sounds of Blackness it automatically lifts my spirits. 

How do you practice self-care?  Solitude is necessary for rebooting my energy dealing with different personalities in my profession.  Exercising is necessary for my emotional wellbeing.  The releasing of endorphins helps relieve stress and just maintaining a healthy mindset overall.  I love listening to music.  Music was a huge part of my life before I fell in love with the art of haircare and styling.  It still is just in a different way that doesn’t involve me being on a stage. Traveling is a necessity for me as an educational and liberating experience.  There are many who travel to escape their reality but I’m happy with my reality.  Whatever I’m not happy with I seek change. I love learning about different cultures and experiencing them through the connections of people and their food.  The company I keep is important too not everyone deserves to be in my space. It sounds harsh but its reality. 

Where do you see your business in 5 years? As the ultimate personal experience of wellness through not only hairstyling, but one on one sessions regarding healthier ways of living through different lifestyles. I plan on empowering and educating women through their pregnancy.  I will strive to connect more people globally through the importance of correlating hair and health both physically and virtually. 

What does Hair By Misa offer to those who use your services? A sense of healing through haircare education and confidence through hairstyling.   

Where are you currently in your journey of being a female entrepreneur? Learning to master the science of health and how I can apply it with all avenues of my journey as a cosmetologist.  I have learned a lot but there is still a lot more to learn, which is why I began studying Public Health in 2018.  I’m looking towards combining that education with my services as a certified doula this year as well.  I truly believe as long as I am breathing I’m forever a student of life.  

Name another woman who inspires you? I don’t think I can name one so here are some that come to mind: Maya Angelou, Traci Ellis Ross, Jill Scott, India Arie & Alicia.

How long have you been working for yourself and how has that shaped the way you live your life? About 8 years.  It has shaped me into a better woman, because when you actually have something to lose you move accordingly to the results you want to see.  You are forced to think more than to react especially to things that no longer serve you or your path.   Every action is done with purpose whether it is investing time with those I love despite being tired or investing in my business.  I choose to invest only in things I want to see grow.  That applies to all aspects of life.

Tell me one thing most people don’t know about you? I practiced Tae-Kwon Do for 4 years and stopped once I reached high school to become a cheerleader.  When I was 13 studying the art of martial arts I also worked the summer program as a camp counselor alongside my instructor with children teaching them skills they could apply for life through physical activities, determination and perseverance.  I was pretty close to becoming a black belt.  I wish I never stopped, that journey played a huge role in the woman I am today. 

Favorite inspiring quote? Once you believe it you can conceive it- Misa McGregor or in the words of Muhammad Ali “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it-then I can achieve it.”  

Do you have any hair rules you live by? Nourish your mind and body and your hair will do right by you.  Healthy hair stems from a healthy body. Products are enhancers they aren’t necessities. The world seems to twist the two thanks to marketing.  Keep it simple; cleanse, condition, detangle hydrate and alternate with protein treatments.  Moisture keeps the hair from breaking due to the loss of elasticity and protein helps to strengthen reducing excessive shedding

How did you know this was the career path for you? Besides the fact I enjoy it and it doesn’t feel like work most days lol confirmation came through the words of those around me after touching their strands.  Some people would tell me it’s my calling from my gentleness or the growth they would see that they haven’t seen in a while.  Being surrounded by the industry from my parents being salon owners I guess I became a product of my environment without knowing until I reached about 17.  I knew I wanted to be more than just a hairstylist though I wanted to touch lives through hair.      

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? A person that lives in their purpose leading them to a means of survival through doing what they enjoy. 

One goal for your business in 2020? To form an umbrella for multiple properties through investing under Hair By Misa.  

Any advice for someone thinking about trying entrepreneurship? Not every day will be a walk in the park there will be many days you question yourself and your actions.  This is why we all should do what we love so when those times come we can revert back to our why helping us to stay and push through with the mindset of “I CAN & I WILL.  When the ingredient includes love and the intention is pure greatness is bound to be created. 

Most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur? Time… being able to spend it how I feel is the most rewarding part of entrepreneurship. My previous boss told me I was unable to take off for my niece’s 1st birthday and I never forgot it.  I never want to put anyone in the position to tell me I can’t be there for someone I care deeply for.  I always went above and beyond for any company I worked for, but it always seemed as it wasn’t enough, and employees were seen as disposable.  It is a very degrading feeling, but to those who work for a company that values your existence don’t ever take it for granted.   

Biggest accomplishment so far as an entrepreneur?’ Becoming an Author of Love’s Raw Impact. Being able to provide my own source of income while living on my own terms.  Everything that I have accomplished has been from the capital of hair, so still being able to provide for myself and others is truly a blessing.   


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