Happy New Year!

It is finally 2017 and I couldn’t be happier to see what this year has in store! I have so many goals for myself especially when it comes to my blog and creating my brand. I know it won’t be easy but I’ve never been the kind to turn down a challenge so I’m ready for whatever comes my way.

If you can’t tell I love leopard print! This coat is from the brand Wren I ¬†found it at Second Time Around and instantly fell in love. The shoes are DVF which I also got at the same store, leopard print calf hair flats? That’s a no brainer. My outfit is a super basic t-shirt and jeans combo ¬†but this printed coat elevates the look. If you want to play with prints but you aren’t sure how I recommend starting off small, accessories like a belt or bag are an easy way to experiment.

Happy New Year!

Casual Monday’s


It’s been about a month since my last post and I am not proud of that but to be fair I was feeling very uninspired. I forgot I have to stay consistent and allow myself to grow as a blogger. This is new territory for me and it can be hard not to get ahead of yourself when everything is happening so fast these days. I needed to take a step back and remind myself that I’m doing this for me because it is something that I enjoy doing. And now that this semester is coming to an end I have a lot of things planned for my blog so I’m excited again!


My outfit today is pretty simple an oversized sweater and some lightly distressed jeans. The heels are a few seasons old from Zara during a sale, I got the last pair and they were my size! This faux fur bag is from NastyGal I’ve had it for years now and I just rediscovered it in my closet. My coat is from Missguided and I’m obsessed with it, I’ve been dying for a oversized pink coat and it was love at first sight. No matter how plain your outfit is just throw a great coat on top and it instantly pulls it together.



Have a great week everyone!








Hey guys! I’ve been a little M.I.A because school has been taking up so much of my time and before I knew it I was 2 weeks behind on my second post. As you can tell my hair is different from the last time, I’m letting the bush be free for a while, and if it isn’t obvious enough I’m the WORST blonde ever!! I haven’t colored my hair in months but there are more important things to talk about like the fact that today is Friday! I’ve actually been wearing sweats all week so today I threw on a dress, a red lip, my leather jacket and instantly felt better. Red lips and a leather jacket make everything cooler in my opinion so they are staples in my makeup collection and my wardrobe. The dress is another old uniform piece from Maje ( I’m sorry I can’t help it!), leather jacket is an old style from ASOS (they always have great options) and my Public Desire boots (again). I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



Happy Sunday!



I’ve wanted to start a blog for over 5 years now, but the thought of putting myself out there on a regular basis freaked me out a little… Ok a lot. So I procrastinated and put it off year after year even though it was something I really wanted to do. I kept waiting for the perfect time to start knowing there’s really no such thing and made all the excuses in the world as to why it wasn’t the right time. Today I’m making my first blog post here on The Stylish Local and I’m so excited! Fashion and writing are two of my biggest passions and being able to express myself creatively is important to me. There are no limits for me when it comes to style, I love to experiment with different looks so my style can vary from day to day. I want this blog to be a reflection of my personality and hopefully a source of inspiration to anyone who needs it.


My mood dictates what I wear and I was in the mood to show a little leg today. My dress is from Maje it was actually part of my uniform when I worked there but I LOVE it. The coat is from Club Monaco and it was a gift from my former boss, she was going to sell it but she ended up giving it to me (Thanks Joy!!). My boots are the “Sofie” boot from Public Desire, they are the perfect boots to wear with everything which is exactly what I do. The bag is an old Silence & Noise cross body I got from UrbanOufitters and my choker is from ASOS.