Creative Struggles…

As a creative I have about 2635748 tabs open in my mind at all times. Not only do I think about a lot of things but I also overthink those things and to be honest its exhausting. I know a lot of people will agree that they are their toughest critic and I am the same, I am also a crazy ass perfectionist which means that I often stunt my own growth. If I have a vision and I feel that I can’t execute it exactly how I picture it in my mind I won’t do it, or if I did try and I didn’t like it I won’t share it. This leads to a lack of consistency and consistency is a key part of success.

Right now I am trying to build my brand while being my most authentic self and what’s more authentic than growth? I’ve watched a lot of bloggers grow their brand over time and that time allowed them to perfect their craft. I love writing, I love taking pictures, I love editing, I love the whole process of blogging and it is important for me to consistently produce content that I am proud of. It won’t always be perfect or get 1,000 likes but it will definitely be genuine. If you’re a fellow creative DON’T LET FEAR PARALYZE YOU! Fear stops so many people from being great and I refuse to be the person who looks back 20 years from now and wishes I just went for my dreams. I will be pushing past my own fears and creating content that I love and I hope you guys do the same!

xoxo Ash

How to be comfortable and stylish

Have you ever heard the saying “beauty is pain”? it sounds crazy but it’s true, the things women go through to look “beautiful” and keep up a certain standard is not easy. Let’s take waxing for example the result is smooth skin but the process hurts like a bitch and is never one I look forward to, and it can be the same with fashion. We all have a pair of shoes that look super cute on but hurt like hell after 30 minutes but if the shoe completes the outfit sometimes you just have to grin and bare it because looking cute is obviously priority right? Well you don’t always have to compromise your comfort to look stylish and these are some tips to help you do that!

  1. Wear Your Size! There is nothing more uncomfortable for me than seeing someone else be uncomfortable in their clothes, whether too big (unless you’re going for the oversized look) or too small size is important. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a ball gown or a t-shirt and jeans if the fit is off chances are you will feel off and being comfortable in what you wear is the key to slaying the game.
  2. Mind Your Fabrics. Some fabrics are notorious for being uncomfortable especially for those with sensitive skin. Wool can be itchy and some synthetic fabrics such as polyester or acrylic don’t breathe well so you would want to avoid those on a hot day. Natural fabrics are the best choice so when you’re choosing pieces to add to your wardrobe lean towards cotton, silk, linens, and cashmere. If you love wool try merino wool which is much softer because of the finer fibers.
A lightweight linen blend blazer is perfect for the warmer seasons.
  1. Spice It Up! Wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring. You guys know I promote experimenting with your look and that includes playing with color, prints, and proportions. If your go to comfortable outfit is sweats spice it up by adding accessories that pop and add interest to your look.
  2. Find The Perfect Pair. The pair I’m referring to are sneakers. Over the past few years sneakers have become HUGE in the fashion industry. I always liked to have a pair to switch things up but now I’m really into collecting the styles that I love. It’s 2019 and sneakers are no longer reserved for the gym, I wear mine with skirts and dresses and I love the way it looks. There are a pair for everyone no matter what your style is!
Nike Air Max 90 are one of my favorites.

What’s your go to look when you want to be comfortable? Comment down below and let me know!

Well Suited..

Spring is finally here in NYC! The weather is breaking and the layers are slowly coming off. I haven’t been inspired for a while but I’ve been reading my magazines again and I’m super excited about the new season. I’m sure you guys already know by now that suits are trending for SS19, this wardrobe classic has been all over the runways and on street style stars everywhere. From pastels, to brights, to neutrals the power suit is here to stay, at least in my opinion.

I found this gem in H&M and I knew I had to have it, not only do suits make me feel bossy (à la Kelis) but I love the fact that I can wear the pieces separately with other things I own. The trousers are a high waisted paper bag style and the blazer is oversized just the way I like them. It also checks another SS19 trend off the list which is neutral monochromatic dressing. The runways were full of head to toe neutral looks and it might sound boring to some but I’m really into it.

I don’t live my life by trends but an all neutral color palette is something I can get behind. I love muted tones I think they make everything look classy, polished, and let’s not forget expensive.

What are you guys most excited about for spring? Comment down below and let me know!

xoxo Ash

10 Things I Learned In My 20’s

When I was younger I had these huge plans for my life, you couldn’t tell me I wouldn’t be rich and successful by 25. Well 25 came and went and no I am not rich and to be honest I wouldn’t consider myself successful based on my standards which aren’t just about money and material things just so we’re clear. I’ve taken hella detours on my journey of life and while sometimes I wish I did some things differently I know that my experiences make me who I am.

Over the past year my life has changed dramatically, from being on dialysis to getting a kidney transplant it has been a rollercoaster and even though I am not where I want to be I do know that I am blessed and forever grateful to see this milestone of an age. However on the other side of all of this positivity ya girl is scared AF! I would be lying if I said I’m approaching 30 feeling calm, cool and collected. It looks so on the outside because I don’t subscribe to public panicking but believe me there are 123253674 thoughts in my mind. Career? Personal goals? Love life? Health? Its a lot to think about and when you’re like me and the browser of your mind has a minimum of 50 tabs open at all times it can drive you crazy.

Some days I feel extremely overwhelmed by the pressure I put on myself to have my shit completely together, but the truth is life isn’t perfect. I’ve met people who seem to have it all together on the outside but in reality they’re also trying to figure things out. This social media world we live in makes it so easy to doubt ourselves or not fully celebrate our wins because someone else’s might seem bigger and better. Don’t let the highlight reel of someone else’s life fool you, we’re all trying to level up in one way or another. If you haven’t accomplished goals you expected to by a certain time or age try changing your outlook. Instead of feeling like you failed be thankful that God has allowed you to see another day to work towards those goals.

I’ve learned a lot about myself during my 20’s and one of those things is comparison is the thief of joy. You can’t admire the grass on the other side if you don’t take the time to water your own, how else is it supposed to flourish? Mind the business that pays you and I’m not just talking about money. Other things on that list include:

  1. A fuck boy will always be that… A FUCK BOY.
  2. Quality over Quantity and that goes for everything.
  3. Everyone doesn’t have the same heart as you.
  4. Always do your best. Put 100% into everything you do and you will reap the benefits.
  5. Some people come into your life to teach you a lesson.
  6. Never dim your light to let someone else shine.
  7. Stop entertaining people/things past their expiration date. LET IT GO!
  8. Its ok to love someone from a distance.
  9. What you allow is what will continue.
  10. PUT YOURSELF FIRST! No friendship or romantic relationship is more important than you and your health. That includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. If it doesn’t grow you or serve you let it go because what is meant for you will never miss you.

xoxo Ash

Mini Wishlist

Spring is almost here and I don’t know about you guys but I’m over winter and ready for the new season! I’m also in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe so I’ve been keeping an eye out for things that I think will compliment not only my personal style but my lifestyle as well. This blog post isn’t going to be super long its just a mini wishlist of some of the items that I’m currently interested in, a few are designer which I like to think about before spending my coins. you might find something you like for yourself and if you do everything is linked so happy shopping!

Here are some bags and shoes that I would invest in.

I’m not sure why but I’ve been drawn to a lot of really feminine pieces, if it has florals, ruffles or its pink I’m here for it!

I have an obsession with coats/jackets all year round, they complete an outfit in my opinion.

Happy Friday!

All Black Everything…

When it comes to getting dressed wearing all black is one of my favorite things to do the color looks good on everyone and it makes you look effortlessly put together even if you really took two hours to get dressed. Like most New Yorkers I love a good all black ensemble but some people may find it boring and feel like they can’t express their personal style but I disagree. Here are three easy ways to wear all black.

1) Play with texture. The beauty of wearing all black is that you can experiment with textures without feeling overwhelmed since black is what I like to call a “safe” color. Most people will buy an item in black before they try it in the other available colors because they know it will go with what they already own and it is known to have a slimming effect. When wearing all black I love pairing things like leather and lace, velvet and knits, or sequins and denim because they add interest to an outfit.

2) Add a pop of color! Another one of my favorite things to do when wearing all black is to add a pop of color, my favorite color to add is red I don’t know where my obsession came from but black and red will always be a favorite color combination of mine. Recently I’ve gotten back into pink but more blush tones because I think they look more elevated and add a feminine touch to an all black look which can sometimes feel more masculine or harsh to some people. You can add the color with a pair of shoes, a bag, a hat, a coat, or even your jewelry the choice is yours.


3) Add a pop of print! As we all know by now animal print is huge this season and all black is the perfect palette to show off any head turning prints. If you’re not into full printed looks this is the easiest way to show off your statement pieces without them clashing, unless your that kind of girl then I say DO YOU!

xoxo Ash

More Than 1…

Over the past couple of years the topic of diversity and inclusion across all industries has been at the forefront of so many important conversations. When I chose to pursue a career in fashion I was aware that the presence of people who look like me wasn’t felt and definitely not seen, whether it was on runways or at the offices of magazines people of color have not been represented the way we should. I wanted to be part of the change I wished to see in the fashion world I was just as well versed in fashion history (if not more) than my caucasian peers, my passion burned hotter than any flame, and creativity ran through my veins so why wouldn’t I want to have a career doing what I love while representing my people? Recently celebrity stylist Law Roach (@luxurylaw on Instagram) posted a picture of the Essence magazine cover featuring Kelis and in his caption he spoke about the fact that this was only the second time in his career that he worked with an all black team. Considering how long he has been styling and how many clients he has this is kind of crazy and is a great example of why diversity in the fashion industry is so important. In the caption he also invited all creatives to use the hashtag #morethan1 to challenge the norm of there only being one black person in the room, I was immediately inspired because there have been several times where I was the only black girl in the room. Whether it was at an internship or in a classroom while pursuing my degree I know what it feels like to acknowledge the fact that you are the only one in the room.

As a young black woman who is pursuing blogging and has had great interest in the industry for many years I am well aware of the lack of diversity in the blogging community. Whether its a blogger award or a press trip there are always one or two black bloggers that have managed to reach a level of success that has allowed them to be recognized or included, but one or two is not enough especially when there are hundreds of talented black bloggers all around the world. Instagram is a prime example of how white washed the blogging world can be, if you go into the style section on the explore page it is 90% white and I’m not saying these women aren’t talented and don’t deserve to be there I’m just saying that there are plenty of black women who should be there also. Women who have dedicated uploading schedules, amazing style, unique content, and pristine pictures and yet they don’t receive the same acknowledgment.  When I decided to take blogging seriously I told myself I want to be part of the change that needs to happen I wanted to be someone who pushed for the necessary conversations to be had and to ultimately represent black women alongside others who feel the same way I feel about the lack of diversity. I’m a pretty small blogger I don’t even have 1,000 followers yet but I know I’m going to continue to grow as a brand and I promise to always use my platform to represent black women in this community. I will be using the #morethan1 hashtag on my posts moving forward and I hope that my fellow creatives of color do the same. We can’t only depend on celebrities and people in high places to speak for us and do the work we have to do it ourselves.

xoxo Ash.

The Imaginary Race…

As I approach the end of my 20’s I have to be honest about the amount of pressure I am feeling but the pressure isn’t really coming from anyone else but myself. Growing up I used to imagine what my life would be like by the time I was 25 and you couldn’t tell me I wouldn’t be this big career woman with ALL of my shit together, well 25 came and went and I’m still trying to figure things out. My life has definitely been a rollercoaster (I swear I’m going to write a book!) and I’ve had to deal with things on a daily basis that most people never even have to think about and yes I know life isn’t easy, and yes I know everyone has problems so I’m not complaining. I just know there were some things I could have done differently over the years and even though I hate to dwell on the past it is hard to not think about how things would be if I made different choices. In addition to things happening in my personal life I’ve also allowed fear and doubt to stop me from starting or doing things  that I should have done a long time ago and now 30 is right around the corner and I’m low key ( ok.. high key) panicking because so many people around me are hitting these milestones like starting their careers, getting married or having children and I’m just here trying to keep my shit together.

The past couple of weeks I have found myself in this weird space because I feel like I’m being left behind but I had to ask myself who the hell are you racing to the finish line? And what’s at this finish line? The first thing that comes to my mind is success but success means something different to everyone and I had to remind myself that this is MY path and MY story no one else’s. Now this isn’t an excuse to be lazy and not work towards my goals it’s just a reminder that everything happens when it is supposed to and I need to trust the timing of my life. If you’ve been feeling the same way remember that we all have our season when we come into our own, for some people that season comes earlier than it does for others but as long as we put in the work we will definitely reap the benefits. I have so many plans and goals for 2019 and I’m excited to see where life takes me. To anyone else who has been feeling the way I have been feeling don’t let your thoughts and fears consume you, use the feeling that you should be or could be doing more give you motivation to smash all the goals you have for yourself moving forward!

xoxo Ash

Dynasty Vibes…

I wasn’t even a thought in my parents mind when Dynasty aired on television in 1981, the popular soap opera was known for its over the top characters and looks (think sequins and shoulder pads on steroids) and it is a major fashion inspiration for me. I love anything that sparkles or makes a statement which is something I definitely get from my mom, so when I saw this jacket on one of our thrifting trips I had to have it! As I slipped the jacket on I prayed to the fashion Gawds that it fit. They must have heard me because it was perfect, slightly boxy fit with shoulder pads that gave a hint of drama in copper, gold, and black sequins that were perfect for day or night. And it only cost me $8! I damn near skipped out of the store I was so happy. I’m probably going to be wearing this jacket to death so sorry in advance (but not really) for the constant looks featuring my new favorite.


Where do you find your fashion inspiration from? Comment down below and let me know!









Wardrobe Essential – The Blazer

There are certain pieces that I think everyone should own and I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to each of my personal wardrobe essentials. If you know me then you know that number one on the list is a blazer, I don’t care if you like them oversized, boxy, tailored, printed, or solid in color just get one if you don’t have one already. A blazer can elevate your look instantly if you need to take a outfit to the next level or it can dress down a more formal outfit, a t-shirt and jeans combo with a blazer thrown on top has become my fashion uniform. When I don’t know what to wear that uniform always saves the day, its foolproof and guarantees that you look like you have your shit together. On this day I wore my blazer with shorts and heels (another easy combo) because its the perfect outfit for the transitional weather that we’re having here in New York.

When buying a blazer the fit should be on point, if you want it tailored pay attention to the fit in the shoulders and make sure the arms are the correct length for your height. However if you’re like me and always wear your sleeves rolled up you can get away with the arms being a little too long or too short.  If you’re going for an oversized look be mindful of the sizing you want a cool relaxed look not I’ve been playing dress up in my parents closet.

If you need more styling ideas check out my Instagram page @thestylishlocal for more inspiration there will always be a blazer look.

XOXO ~ Ash