Creative Struggles…

As a creative I have about 2635748 tabs open in my mind at all times. Not only do I think about a lot of things but I also overthink those things and to be honest its exhausting. I know a lot of people will agree that they are their toughest critic and I am the same, I am also a crazy ass perfectionist which means that I often stunt my own growth. If I have a vision and I feel that I can’t execute it exactly how I picture it in my mind I won’t do it, or if I did try and I didn’t like it I won’t share it. This leads to a lack of consistency and consistency is a key part of success.


Right now I am trying to build my brand while being my most authentic self and what’s more authentic than growth? I’ve watched a lot of bloggers grow their brand over time and that time allowed them to perfect their craft. I love writing, I love taking pictures, I love editing, I love the whole process of blogging and it is important for me to consistently produce content that I am proud of. It won’t always be perfect or get 1,000 likes but it will definitely be genuine. If you’re a fellow creative DON’T LET FEAR PARALYZE YOU! Fear stops so many people from being great and I refuse to be the person who looks back 20 years from now and wishes I just went for my dreams. I will be pushing past my own fears and creating content that I love and I hope you guys do the same!

xoxo Ash

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