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Women’s International Month: Temara Grosvenor

Name: Temara Grosvenor  Business: Evolve By T Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (January 3rd baby!) How did you get into fitness? I got in fitness just being an active kid. Like any kid, I loved to run, jump and play sports. Continuing this type of activity all throughout my childhood into young adulthood and now the present. I’ve always been …

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Women’s History Month: Misa Mcgregor

Name: Misa McGregor  Business: Hair By Misa Zodiac sign? Leo What do you want society to stop doing to women? Pressuring women into living the typical life they expect a woman to live by. Some examples include getting married, having kids and taking care of home only.  Some women don’t want that or strive for different goals that …