Women’s History Month: Kellicia Adams

Name: Kellica Adams

Business: Beauty Bee Bundles

 Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

Where do you see your business in 5 years: In 5 years I hope to have multiple streams of income and hopefully Beauty Bee Bundles will just be 1 of them.

Name another woman that inspires you: Damn I don’t know if I can pin point just one, there are so many young minority entrepreneurs and working mothers fearlessly following their dreams and providing for their families. They all inspire me. 

Where are you right now in your entrepreneur journey?  I am currently working on developing my brand but also learning so much about about what it takes to run a business. There’s this meme that says “the internet got entrepreneurship looking easy” and it’s so true. Starting your own business and being an entrepreneur you have to take on so many roles.  In the beginning you are the business, you are your own team. You are responsible for marketing, social media management, customer service representative, branding, shipping and receiving and the list goes on. Working a full time job as a High Risk OBGYN /Breast cancer Sonographer and raising a family… shit gets super hectic. It can be overwhelming and I don’t always feel inspired but I am always motivated because manifestation without movement is just mumbo jumbo. Not only do I have to manifest but I have to be disciplined and stay consistent. 

What made you start Beauty Bee Bundles? Having my daughter definitely. Just 6 weeks after giving birth my boss was rushing me back to work, I didn’t go back of course but 4 months later I was still distraught. Missing those vital first months and years of our children’s lives, during a time they’re growing so rapidly and absorbing so much around them is overwhelming. We spend most of our days and lives building someone else’s empire for a weekly paycheck that, the way the economy is set up right now, probably won’t cover basic healthcare needs or a simple family vacation. I have a great career but I can’t pass down a career to my children, probably just debt. 

What would you like society to stop doing to women?  I wish society would allow us to be and do whatever we want in this life without constant judgment or scrutiny. Let’s start by teaching little girls to fall deeply in love with themselves and create whatever life they want. A life of happiness not attached to a man or having children or a certain dress size. And ladies please stop allowing society to pit us against one another, she is your sister not your competition. These unrealistic standards have been created to manipulate us, to keep us in a box, keep us under control… keep us from embracing our greatness!

How do you practice self care? I read a lot, I’m a book worm, I will read anything, from Harry Potter to Michael Eric Dyson’s Tears We Cannot Stop to 50 Shades of Grey. I also love music, I can literally have my own party by myself in my living room dancing away… it makes me feel so free. Most recently I’ve also been trying something new, may seem minuscule to you but simply saying no. Yes saying “no” to anything that threatens my happiness or makes me uncomfortable and not caring who that may offend and it’s made such a huge difference in my life. 

Favorite song that makes you feel empowered? Mmm empowered?  Right now I would say Pink’s “Just Like Fire” 

What does Beauty Bee Bundles offer its clientele? We offer luxury virgin hair extensions, at an affordable price. We offer women the opportunity to treat themselves and feel their absolute best. 

Favorite inspiring quote? “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it” Dennis P. Kimbro.

Tell me one thing most people don’t know about you? I use to perform and write spoken word… even competed.

One goal you have for your business in 2020? I definitely want to revamp my website and rebrand my eyelash line. I’d also like to open up more and connect and collab with other dope ass entrepreneurs!

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? It means taking my life into my own hands by putting in the hard work and literally creating something from nothing. I want to live life on my own terms, I don’t want my dreams, my opportunities, my time to be based on what an employer allows, I want to control all that shit. God didn’t bless me with this beautiful life for it to be within the limits of PTO and pay raises. 


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