My 2020 So Far..

This is actually the first time I’ve done a “winter white” look. I’m into it!

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like my new year didn’t start until February. Aside from feeling like the month of January lasted 273636 days I also felt like I was in a weird space, one that was neither good or bad. This month I’m feeling a lot more focused and like I’m tapping into my shit which is a feeling that I love! I know me and when I’m focused I make a lot of things happen for myself and I’m hoping I will be doing that all year long. My theme for 2020 is “consistent action”, as someone who gets in her own head and procrastinates I’ve been trying to create better habits that are conducive to me sticking to that theme. Three things I’ve been doing are:

  • Waking up earlier. I am trying to wake up early even on my days off so I can get more things done, there is nothing more annoying than waking up at 12pm and the rest of the day flies by leaving you with barely enough time to do whatever you had planned. I’m definitely not a morning person but I will say waking up earlier and getting things done makes me feel way more productive and we stan a productive queen!
  • Get organized. I’ve realized that the calendar on my phone is not enough for me. I’m old school and I like to write things down so I finally got a planner and I love it! I carry it with me everyday because things always pop up randomly and if I can write them down and see it in front of me I am more likely to remember then plan accordingly for whatever it is.
  • Reading. Books have been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. I was that kid who was excited for trips to Barnes and Noble and finishing a series was very satisfying for me, so it bothers me that I haven’t been reading as much as I used to because it’s something I truly enjoy. Not only do I learn new things but it also helps me escape the stresses of my personal life while I’m in this world created by the author of whatever book I’m reading. The goal is to be off of my phone 30 minutes to an hour before its time for me to go to bed and read during that time instead. Hopefully I can read a book a month this year!

In other news my wardrobe revamp is coming along slowly but surely. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten rid of four bags of clothes and shoes that I either sold at a thrift store or donated to a church. I’m really trying to get my Marie Kondo on and I still have some more things to get rid of but I think I’m going to sell those on Poshmark instead. If you are also planning a wardrobe revamp for 2020 here are a few quick tips to help start the process

  • Take inventory. Now Marie Kondo says to take everything out and put it into one big pile so you can see all you have but ya girl has anxiety and that will stress me out so I do it in parts lol. I do my closet, chest of drawers and any storage bins I have, then I make a yes, no, and maybe pile. The “yes” pile gets stored neatly in its respective space, the “no” pile goes into bags for selling or donation, and then I revisit the “maybe” pile and make some tough decisions lol.
  • Fill the holes in your wardrobe. What do you need? When you get dressed what do you find is missing from your wardrobe to help complete the looks you have in mind? Whatever those things are make a list and start shopping for them. Making lists helps you stick to what you really need instead of buying things because you think they’re cute at the time. I have a long list in my phone and I refer to it constantly to make sure I’m getting the necessary items for this wardrobe revamp I’m doing.
  • Head to the thrift store. I LOVE thrifting. I swear its like a treasure hunt every time I go and finding gems to add to my closet is one of the best feelings ever. Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a camel coat which was on that list I just mentioned, I wanted a classic style that would transcend trends and be in my wardrobe for years and I found it… at the thrift store! I went to go sell some of my things and there she was hanging on the wall, I had no intentions on buying anything but when I saw it I just had that feeling it would be the one and I was right. Its a classic wool camel coat from The Kooples which is a brand I actually like but haven’t shopped yet and I’m really happy with it. If you’re trying to build a new wardrobe on a budget (or even if you have no budget) thrift and consignment stores are perfect!

As we move into spring I’m just trying to stay focused on my goals and do all of the things I want to do. I’ve been really aware of the essence of time lately and things like the helicopter crash that took multiple lives including Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi definitely increased that awareness. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us and this is absolutely a “with or without you” kind of year for me. When I think about how I’ve stunted my growth in the past for people and situations that weren’t worth it, or because I was making fear based decisions I just remind myself that I’m not putting anything on hold or stopping my moves for anyone and that’s the energy I’m carrying with me all year!

How has 2020 been treating you so far? Having you been working on your goals? Comment down below and let me know.

xoxo, Ash

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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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